Build My Support Plan

“Custom-made support to suit your needs”. Our approach to helping you find the support you need is a simple, but thorough, 4-step plan that puts you in complete control.

Getting the help you need from Blueboard Care Services always starts with a face-to-face chat with one of our specialist staff. Building a tailor-made service is of course different for every client, but what is standard for us is that the process always starts with lots of listening on our part.

By meeting with you, and your family if appropriate, we aim to understand your requirements, wishes and even your concerns. We can then use our expertise to develop the perfect plan for you, looking at all the practicalities and especially the type of personal support you are looking for. Finally, we will establish a budget for your support, including whether you are entitled to Government funding, as well as recommending other help and services that may be available to you.

We put the plan we have discussed with you in writing so that you have total clarity over the service you will receive and the costs.

Of course, if you have any questions, adjustments or additional needs, we will be pleased to address them with you and your plan can be adapted at any time.

We think it is vital that you meet your support assistant and the wider team. Together we will review your plan and ensure that you are utterly comfortable with the team around you.

Once the service is agreed, we will get on with delivering it. Importantly we will do so to the standards outlined in our unique Customer Service Charter, which will ensure that you get the very best help in the industry.

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